Supporters of UMQCC and the April 16, 2017 Easter Open Letter

(we will continue to update this list daily until April 30, 2017)

UMQCC #CalledOUT T-shirt

NOTIFICATION: We are deeply grateful to everyone who has supported our efforts through the t-shirt project.

We are in the process of launching an easier way to order and receive your t-shirts, and that will happen soon.  Your'e loved and appreciated!


As The UMC continues to discern how it will be fully in ministry with LGBTQI persons, it is important for queer clergy to be visible and present. This t-shirt project seeks to promote that idea. With the first names of most members of our caucus printed on it, this t-shirt also represents our hidden faithful queer siblings who for various reasons need to step back from public view. Wear it proudly!

This project is also a way for you to support UMQCC. For the first time, a critical mass of over 190 queer clergy from 26 annual conference are getting organized to stand up together to promote radical hospitality in The UMC that includes LGBTQI and all oppressed people.