Video response to "Special Commission on the Way Forward"

This is the video response by Methodist Queer Clergy Caucus to the following question posed by the Commission on the Way Forward:

"Describe your constituency’s preferred future for our denomination regarding the nature, conditions and extent of the inclusion of LGBTQ people within the Church."

We were limited to 3 minutes, which constrained the number of participant voices. However, we hope to expand this project to highlight as many voices of our queer clergy partners as possible in future videos.

In order of appearance:
Rev. Dr. David Weekley
Pastor Jarell Wilson
Rev. Becca Girrell
Rev. Jeanelle Nicolas Ablola
Rev. Alex da Silva Souto

Project Contributors in alphabetical order:
Rev. M Barclay
Rev. Anthony M. Fatta
Rev. Elizabeth Jones
Rev. Dr. Pamela R. Lightsey
Rev. Lois McCullen-Parr
Pastor Kathleen Reynolds
Rev. Dr. Althea Spencer Miller
Deborah Weekley

p.s.: The Commission on a Way Forward was established after the 2016 General Conference to find a way forward for the United Methodist Church.